3D Wire Bending Machine Price

3D wire bending machine are suitable for many industries needs, manufacturing high precision of the spring need by electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipments, cars, stationeries, apparatus, instruments, hair ornaments, crafts and others, and can manufacturing different specifications of sheet shrapnel , spring and so on.



3D wire bending machine is widely used in the field of construction and masonry. This machine has found a good sale since it came to the market. It has a lot of competitive advantages, not only because of its reasonable and inexpensive price but also because of its high quality. 3D wire bending machine will be a better choice in constructing buildings.

Technical Parameter of the 3d Wire Bending Machine

3d Wire Bending Machine
1 Wire size Φ0.2- Φ2.5mm
2 Mar. wire Feed 1000mm
3 Min. wire Feed 0.01mm
4 Wire feed speed 0-120m/min
5 Wire length unlimited
6 Axis number 10
7 power 9.3kw
8 The input voltage 380V
9 Program storage More than 2000
10 Air pressure 5-6kg/cm
11 Probe 3
12 Size 1200x1250x1760mm
13 Weight 980kg

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