CNC Stirrup Bending Machine/CNC Stirrup Bender

CNC Stirrup Bending Machine is a kind of stirrup bending machine. It is also widely used in the building and construction industries. Compared with the normal stirrup machines, CNC Stirrup Bending Machines have a stronger work capacity. And its structure is more compact than the normal machinery. Our Ellsen cnc wire bending machine has yielded a good return in the international market; and it will be a good choice for the building and constructing industries.



Technical Parameter

Single round wire diameter φ4-10mm φ4-13mm φ4-13mm
Double round wire diameter φ4-8mm φ4-10mm φ4-10mm
Single ribbed wire diameter φ4-8mm φ4-10mm φ4-12mm
Double ribbed wire diameter φ4-6mm φ4-8mm φ4-10mm
Max bending angle 180° 180° 180°
Central mandrel diameter φ20-30mm φ20-30mm φ20-30mm
Max pulling speed 100m/min 100m/min 110m/min
Max bending speed 1800pics/h 1840pics/h 1840pics/h
2 Servo motor  11kw+7.5kw 13kw+7.5kw 18kw+7.5kw
1 Brake motor 4kw 4kw 4kw
1 motor for air pump 4kw 4kw 4kw
Voltage 380V/415V 380V/415V 380V/415V
Average electric power consumption 5kw/h 5kw/h 5kw/h
Working environment temperature ’-5-40℃ ‘-5-40℃ ‘-5-40C
Overall size 3500×950×2000mm 3500×1000×2150mm 3500×1000×2150mm
Gross weight 2.35T 2.5T 2.55T

Why choose Ellsen Stirrup Bending Machine

1.Automatic wire feeding system (CNC).
2.Moveable air compressor design, to ensure better cooling effect, easy  transportation and installation.
3.Large storage capacity can save 500 processing geometric graphics, high degree automation
4.Aerodynamic design observation door, easy adjustment and maintenance, more security and fast.
5.One care person is enough to operate.

CNC Servo Control System

Multi-Purpose Bender

High-Efficiency Bender


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