How To Use The Steel Bar Bending Machine?

With the vigorous development of construction industry in recent years, developing countries need more steel bar processing machines to support infrastructure. But there are some clients, especially trader customers do not know the correct operation way totally. One of our client from Colombia who bought the bending machine for the first time, so we shoot videos to teach him how to use the machine.

And there are some preparation work before operation for your reference:

1. There must be enough space and the ground must be smooth which will ensure the operation convenience and the equipment’s bottom is indeed on the ground.

2. Before operating, the machine’s spare parts should be checked whether it’s broken or loose and the electrical wiring is safe and the electric motor connect earth wire. Installing earth leakage circuit breaker before using.

3. To check if there is enough oil in the case and the oil cup of main shaft.

4. At the first operation, the equipment should run no-load 15 to 30 minutes. During the period, user check whether abnormal noise and phenomenon exists and the button is sensitive and effective.

5. Before the normal operation, inspection should be done in advance:

※ Electrical switch is safe and effective.

※ To ensure there’s no abnormal noise and phenomenon after the equipment powered on.

6. Operating over-loaded is strictly forbidden.

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