High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment


Flat iron
: ≤10×60mm
Square steel: ≤20×20mm
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz
Output surge electric current: 300A-1400A
Input voltage: 320V-420V
Input electric current: 4-36A
External dimension: 1050×680×1520mm
N.W. (kg): 230   G.W. (kg): 260

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Iron Efficient Power Heater is one kind of wrought iron machines. It is widely used to heat metals. Obviously, there are some ornamental iron machines needing to heat materials before using them to process. Wrought iron machinery, such as fishtail coining machine, electric making coil machine and automatic hydraulic rolling coil machine, cannot process metal materials directly. Therefore, iron efficient power heater is designed to solve this problem.

Induction Heating Machine
Working Ability Flat Iron ≤10×60mm
Square Steel ≤20×20mm
Other work piece  ≤30mm
Electric Motor Performance 220V/380V/415V/440V
Output electric current   300A-1400A
Input electric current  4-36A
External Dimension L*W*H=1050×680×1520mm
Net Weight 230kg
GrossWeight 260kg



1.Quickly heating, it take 10 second to heat the 20 cm2 section.
2.Electricity consumption, it saves 60% than other electronic tube-type equipment.
3.The indecorum can be disassembly and assembly, so it is suit to many kinds work pieces.
4.Auto-refrigeration system.

After-sales Service

◆Life- long free training and guidance.
◆International engineers ready to go abroad for installation, maintenance and commissioning.
◆Free training of operation and maintenance for clients in our factory.
◆we offer free spare parts for machine within warranty period, and low charge for beyond warranty.
◆Free training of operation, maintenance, installation and repairing for clients’ service man.


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Why Choose Ellsen High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

1. Ellsen has professional experienced stuff. And Ellsen machinery supplier adopts high-quality raw materials and high tech to manufacture this machine.
2. Ellsen efficient heater is designed reasonably.
3. Ellsen iron power heater has a wide working range. This machine can heat flat iron, square steel and other metal pieces.
4. This machine is power-saving. Compared with another electric heater machinery, this machine can save nearly 60% power of energy.
5. Ellsen efficient power heater has auto-refrigeration system.
6. Ellsen iron power heater has high working efficiency. It can heat metals quickly. For example, to heat a metal piece of 20cm︒, this machine only spend 10 seconds.
7. Ellsen the power of iron efficient heater is convenient to use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
8. Ellsen iron efficient heater is safe and reliable to operate. This machine only works with metals. That is to say, if you are uncareful to touch the heating device, you will not be hurt. But you still need to pay attention. Beside, Ellsen equipment has taken some measures to deal with.

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