Hot-Roll Fishtail Coining Machine

Hot-roll fishtail coining machine is a widely used machine for decorating wrought iron machine. it is designed to process steels for decoration. fishtail coining machine is also called hot-roll fishplate mill. because we need to heat steel materials before using this machine. ellsen fishtail coining machine is more and more popular in many countries, like Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Tanzania and India etc. this machine can make steels with different patterns. the products made by hot-roll fishment mill is similar to fishtails. that’s why people call this machine fishtail coining machine.
Ellsen has two different types of Hot-Roll Fishtail Coining Machine for sale: EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill and EL-F4 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill. EL-F4 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill is the newest type machine. Also, it is the improvement of  EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill. EL-F4 adopts eccentric shaft device instead of eccentric roller device. Besides, EL-F4 has the function of three-fold in one roller. This device makes EL-F4 have a longer lifespan. In addition, Ellsen manufacturer adds a flat roller in the outer side of EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill. So it can process steels more easily.

EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill


Technical Parameters

Square steel:
Round steel: ≤ф16mm
Flat Iron: ≤8×60mm
Power: 2.2KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Dimension: 1165×560×1100mm
N.W. (kg): 350
G.W. (kg): 400

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EL-F4 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill


Technical Parameters

Square steel
: ≤16×16mm
Round steel: ≤ф16mm
Flat Iron: ≤8×50mm
Power: 2.2KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Dimension: 1220×600×1250mm
N.W. (kg): 290
G.W. (kg): 340

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Advantages of the EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill

1. Stable performance and reliable operation. EL-F3 fishtail coining machine adopts cycloidal pinwheel reduction box. So it can better fit for the transmission between the gear box and the work case.
2.The clamp apparatus is adjustable. It has flat and straight guide. And the completed fishtail veining is straight.
3. Ellsen EL-F3 fishtail coining machine has a rolling size localization device. It is on the back holdup plate of this machine. We can choose different rolling lengths to locate the sizes of products. This machine can meet our different requirements.
4. EL-F3 hot-roll fishplate mill also has the coarse rolling mechanism. This device can make fishtail pattern more beautiful.
5. This machine can process heated materials directly. There is no need to make materials flat before using this machine.
6. EL-F3 has a wide range of making fishtail. The work capacity of it is relatively higher.
7. Ellsen EL-F3 metalcraft fishtail coining machine has high producing efficiency. It can process 300 pieces of flat iron (8*40mm) per hour. And the thickness of finished fishtail patterns are not more than 2mm.
8.  Ellsen EL-F3 is made from high-quality raw materials. It has good quality and long lifespan. Our machine can process more than 100,000 fishtail patterns..[/tab]

Photos Gallery of the EL-F3 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill

Features of the EL-F4 Hot-Roll Fishtail Mill

1. Ellsen EL-F4 does not have the coarse rolling mechanism. Except this, EL-F4 has all the advantages of EL-F3.
2. El-F4 adds the flat roller device. It can press square steel and round steel to be flat and make them be sharp points.
3. Ellsen provides 2 sets of molds of EL-F4 for free: one is for thin-line pattern, and the other is for flat-line pattern.
4. In addition, Ellsen metalcraft fishtail coining machine also have other rolling molds for clients to choose. This machine with various molds can meet your different needs.

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