Hydraulic moulder

Hydraulic molder is one kind of ornamental wrought iron machines. It is used to extrude metals into different arcs, angles and other irregular forms. Ellsen wrought iron hydraulic moulder can extrude metal materials like flat iron, round steel and square steel into various shapes for once. This machine can process steels and irons into different rounds, arcs and other shapes. Hydraulic moulder products are popular in the municipal garden, furniture industry and some other fields.

EL-DY16A Hydraulic Moulder


Technical Parameters

Flat Iron
: ≤10×50mm
Round Steel: ≤ф16mm
Square Steel: ≤16×16mm
Power: 7.5KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1250×620×1100mm
N.W. (kg): 750
G.W. (kg): 850

Description of EL-DY16A

El-DY16A Hydraulic Moulder can extrude square steel, round steel and flat iron into round, arc, angle and some different shapes in one time. There are 4 sets dies come with the machine, such as 1 set for angle bending and round stewing, 1 set for arc arching and alignment, 2 sets for extruding moulding.

El-DY16A Hydraulic Moulder Features:

1. The moulder is made with stepless pressure adjustment and stable mechanical operation guaranteeing the high working ability.
2. Having button control and pedal switch, it can be operated conveniently and reliably.
3. High efficiency of 300 pieces of 12mm×12mm square steel parts per hour.
4. Finish one shape in just seconds, improve the efficiency.
5. It can bend 16mm×16mm square steel.

Photos of the end products

Technical Parameter of the Hydraulic Moulder Features:

EL-DY16A Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine
Max Work Ability Flat Iron ≤10×60mm
Square Steel ≤16×16mm
Other material ≤30mm
Motor Performance       Power:3.35KW       Voltage: 220V/380V/415V/440V
Packing dimension L×W×H=1340×830×1400mm
N.W.(kg) 436
G.W.(kg) 486

Producing Dies of Ellsen Wrought Iron Moulder

There are lots of different shapes of producing dies of hydraulic moulders. Ellsen manufacturer of ornamental iron machines provides 4 sets dies of this machine for free: one set of mold for angle bending and round stewing; one set of mold for arc arching and aligning and two sets of molds for extruding. in addition, Ellsen has other molds for clients to choose. there is a picture show of some hydraulic moulder dies in the following:

Advantages of Ellsen Hydraulic Moulder

1. Ellsen wrought iron hydraulic making moulder has good quality.Because it is made from high-quality materials; and Ellsen stuff are experienced.
2. The deck plate of ornamental iron machine is designed reasonably.
3. This machine can process metal materials with various sizes. It has a quite wide range usage in the molding and bending industry.
4. Ellsen wrought iron moulder has manual control and pedal switch.
5. Ellsen ornamental iron machine is convenient and safe to operate.
6. It is very easy to change molds.
7. Ellsen hydraulic moulder has high producing efficiency. It can process metal materials in batch with good consistency.
8. Ellsen wrought iron machine has a long lifespan. It can work for a lasting long time continuously.
9. This wrought iron machine is easy to take care.

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