Metal Twisting Machine

Metal twisting machine is designed to twist steel materials for decorating. This machine is widely used in the field of wrought iron making. Ellsen wrought iron twisting machine can twist square steel and round steel. The wrought iron twisting products can be used to decorate windows, walls, doors and fences etc. Metal twisting machine is one of our featured ornamental wrought iron equipment. It has found a good sale in the international market. And this wrought iron twist bend machine has widely accepted in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Australia.

Different Wrought Iron Twisting Machines for Sale

EL-DN25C Iron Metal Twisting Machine

Length: ≤200-800mm
Specification: ≤25×25mm
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1400×620×1100mm
N.W. (kg): 550 G.W. (kg): 600

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EL-DN25D Iron Metal Twisting Machine
Length: ≤200-800mm
Specification: ≤25×25mm
Square Steel: 6×6mm, 7×7mm, 8×8mm
Round Steel: ф6mm, ф8mm
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1500×700×1400mm
N.W. (kg): 600 G.W. (kg): 650
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EL-DN25E Iron Metal Twisting Machine
Square steel: ≤25×25mm
Square Steel: 6×6×170mm, 8×8×190mm, 10×10×240mm
Round Steel:ф6×170mm, ф8×190mm,ф10×210mm
Working Travel: 120mm
Output Rotational Speed: 13 r/min
Oil Pump Motor Power: 3HP     Functions Motor: 3KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing size: 1570×720×1230mm
N.W. (kg): 550 G.W. (kg): 600
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EL-DN25c Program Controlled Matal Twist and Torsion Machine
enclosed dies 6 sets for square steel:
25×25mm, 20×20mm,18×18mm,
3 sets for flat iron: 30×8mm, 20×6mm, 16×5mm
max working ability  twisting length ≤200-800mm
specification ≤25mm×25mm
motor  performance power: 4kw    voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v
packing dimension 1400*620*1100mm
n.w. (kg) 550
g.w. (kg) 600


EL-DN25d program controlled Metal Twist and Torsion Machine
enclosed dies 6 kinds for square steel,   3 kinds for flat iron, 4 kinds for basket
max working ability length ≤200-800mm
specification ≤25mm×25mm
square steel 6×6, 7×7, 8x8mm
round steel 6mm, 8mm
motor  performance power: 4kw   voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v
packing dimension 1400*620*1100mm
n.w. (kg) 600
g.w. (kg) 650

Compared with iron twisting machine,twisting basket making machine has more functions. This wrought iron basket making machine can not only twist square steel and flat iron into a rope pattern, but also make basket shapes used in ornamental industry widely. Therefore, we could also call it lantern twisting machine. If you want to add more artistic feeling for your wrought iron products, Ellsen basket twisting machine will be your best can Contact Us to Get Inquiry.

EL-DN25e  two-in-one Metal twisting machine
enclosed dies 5 sets for twisting : 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm;
2 sets for 4 wire basket:  6mmx6mmx4  , 8mmx8mmx4 ;
1 set for 8 wire basket: 6mmx6mmx8
max working ability max twisting size 25x25mm
lantern-twisting size 6mmx6mmx170,  8mmx8mmx190, 10mmx10mmx210
working travel 120mm
oill pump motor power 3hp
output rotational speed 13r/min
motor  performance power: 3kw
voltage: 220v/380v
packing dimension 1570*720*1230mm
n.w. (kg) 550
g.w. (kg) 600


End Product-Twist and Basket



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