Multifunctional Wrought Iron Machine


Multifunctional Wrought Iron Machine

Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz 3phase
Packing Size: 1930×750×1150mm;
N.W. (kg): 950
G.W. (kg): 1050

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Multifunctional Wrought Iron Machine is one kind of excellent ornamental wrought iron processing machine. It has stronger work capacity and more functions than another wrought iron machines. Multifunctional Wrought Iron Machine can integrates twisting function, bending function with hydraulic molding function. Ellsen multi-functional machines for wrought iron is designed to meet different needs of decorating. The high quality and good work capacity of it make this machine become more and more popular.

Technical Parameters of the Multi-functional Wrought Iron Machine

Multi Functional Wrought Iron Machine
Circle-forming capacity Round pipe φ48×3
Square tube 60×60×2.5
Round steel φ25
Fat iron 40×12
Scroll-rolling capacity Round steel φ20
Square steel 20×20
Flat iron 30×12
Angle-bending capacity Round steel φ20
Square steel 20×20
Flat iron 30×12
Twisting capacity Square steel 25×25
Flat iron 30×12
Twisting basket capacity Square steel 6×6   8×8
Gross weight (Kg) 570
Packing size (mm) 1500x640x1350

Advantages of the Multi Functional Wrought Iron Machine

1.Ellsen Multifunctional Ornamental Iron Machine has several devices to process metal materials. it has all the functions of bending pipe and tube machine, fishtail coining machine, scroll bending machine, twist and torsion machine and making spiral lines units etc.

2.The device of making spiral lines units needs to work together with any other devices. we can use one function each time only. It is easy and flexible to assemble and disassemble different devices.

Features of Ellsen Multifunctional Wrought Iron Machine

1. Program control panel and automatic repetition. So it guarantees the product processing homogeneity.
2. Flexible to drive and convenient to adjust. So it reduces the labor time and intensity.
3. Small size and processing a wide range. It saves money and space.
4. Manual control and foot switch control. It is easy to operate so that it is in higher production efficiency.
5. Mechanical design and reasonable structure. So it is easy operation and maintenance.
6. The various units is easy to replace. It is convenient to operate.

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