Power Press Machines

Power Press Machines is one kind of wrought iron machine mainly suitable for cold working operations such as cutting, blanking, punching, bending and shallow drawing and so on. The hydraulic power press machine is widely applied to various industry areas like electrical appliances, vehicles, tractors, mining machinery, hardware tools and machine manufacturing etc.


Power Press Machines

Nominal Capacity: 1000KN
Nominal Pressure Stroke: 10mm
Worktable Dimension: 710×1100mm
Slide Block Stroke: 140mm
Number of Stroke: 38 per min
Motor Power: 7.5KW
Total Weight: 9460KG

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Features of Ellsen automatic power press machine for sale

The mechanical power press has a high processing accuracy and reliable performance and is easy to operate. It can be equipped with automatic feeding device to realize semi-automatic stamping operation.

Key advantages about our pneumatic power press machines

Balanced center of gravity

1. The transmission center is consistent with the whole machine center to ensure accurate and stable stamping operation.
2. Our hydraulic power press machine for sale adopts two slider balancer to ensure that the machine runs in balance.
Stable high-precision operation

After hardened and heated treatment, the automatic power press machine’s friction parts are grinded and processed seriously so the machine has higher wear resistance and balance as well as a stable performance.
Process automation and labor saving

The mechanical press machine can match with any automatic feed device to achieve automated production and reduce costs so the machine can improve efficiency.

The end products of the pneumatic power press machines


Ellsen Machinery, a prominent power press machine manufacturer

Ellsen Machinery is one of the most prominent power press machine manufacturers in producing and supplying quality power press machines. We possess a special team which is specialize in researching and developing the newest machines. And furthermore, we try our best to offer our customers the lower power press machine price on the basis of guaranteeing quality. In recent years, our products have sold at home and abroad, which are warmly welcomed by our clients.
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