Rebar Bender Machine for Sale


Automatic rebar bending machine is widely used in the field of construction and masonry. This machine has found a good sale since it came to the market. It has a lot of competitive advantages, not only because of its reasonable and inexpensive price but also because of its high quality. Automatic rebar bending machine will be a better choice in constructing buildings. Here are diffferent bar processing machine, you can choose according to your detailed need.


GW40 Bar Bender Machine


GW45 Bar Bender Machine


GW50 Bar Bender Machine

The Parameters of the Automatic Rebar Bending Machine

Automatic Rebar Bending Machine
 Model: GW40 GW45 GW50
Round steel bar diameter: (φ6-φ40)mm (φ6-φ42)mm (φ6-φ50)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel diameter: (φ6-φ32) mm (φ6-φ36) mm (φ6-φ42) mm
Working disk diameter: φ350 mm φ350 mm φ380 mm
Adjustable bending speed: 5-10 r/min 5-10 r/min 5-10 r/min
Motor power: 3 kw 3 kw 4 kw
Overall size: 830×750×750 1000×880×800 1100×900×850 mm
Gross weight: 250Kg 350Kg 425 kg

The Process Pictures Show of the Automatic Bender Machine:

bar bender machine
rebar processing machine
rebar bender
ber bending machine for sale

Feature Of Ellsen Automatic Rebar Bending Machine:

1. Ellsen steel bar benders are made from high-quality materials. They are manufactured by skilled technicians and experienced staff.
2. Manufacturers of Ellsen steel benders has won a good reputation because of their high-quality steel bending machines.
3. Ellsen provides various bar bending machines. We have different types and various sizes of steel benders for sale.
4. What’s more, we can provide custom-made bender machines according to different requirements of clients.
5. Ellsen steel bar bender machine has a lot of advantages for clients to choose.

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