Straightening machine Safe Manual

Straightening and Cutting Machine has a high degree of automation, fast traction speed, working continuous, and equipped with automatic counting stop device, good safety performance.

1. Installing a bear frame, frame center line should guide cylinder, straightening drum and incised knife hole must be one the center line.

2. After the installation, should check electrical systems and other components, reliable machine connection parts, the transmission part. Test run after checking.Check temperature, hammer head, cutting knife and cutting gear etc is normal.Confirm no abnormal condition, start working.


3. According to the rebar diameter, choose proper straightening block, traction wheel groove and the transmission speed.Straightening aperture should be larger than the steel bar diameter 2 mm to 5 mm, tractive sheave groove width same with the diameter of straightening rebar.

4. Must pay attention to adjusting straightening block. There are five straightening block, 1st and 5th block must be in the center line, middle three can be off center.First make reinforced offset of about 3 mm before straightening, if steel still be slow corners,increase the offset gradually until straightening.

5. The front of the guide cylinder should install a 1m steel tube. Rebar through the tube, and then through the guide cylinder and straightening, to prevent hurt worker.

6. Prohibit inserting rebar befor fixed wheel and covering shield to prevent straightening block flying out hurt people

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