Tamping Rammer Operation Methods

Electric tamping rammer is made of pure copper motor,it adopts impaction and vibration for tamping ground, so it is widely used in Road and other tamping area,Studying the operation methods is necessary,the following is my operation experience

◆Pre-operating Preperation

1. Please read the manual carefully, and grasp it’s main points.
2. Please ensure that the bolts and every part of the rammer are fastened every time before operating the rammer.
3. Please ensure that the lubricating oil is adequate every time before operating the rammer
4. Please ensure that the ground wire line of the electromotor is earthed and the insulated wire line is safe and intact.

Tamping Rammer

◆During operating

1. Please operate the rammer on the level and compact ground.
2. You can control the working condition of the rammer by control switch of the electromotor after starting the electromotor
3. Do not hold down the handrail strongly so as not to affect the bounce height of the rammer.
4. By rotating the handrail, you may not only make the rammer move forward as required, but make it rotating at the original place.